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2018 and new clinic.

Happy 2018!!!!

How has your new year started? Well? Not ideal? Still stuck in the Christmas Chips and Dip rut?

Do you need some help? Want to outsource your health to get on top of those annoying issues? Need or want to revamp your lifestyle a little or a lot?

Yes? Luckily I am now operating a monthly Timaru clinic starting March 24th. Contact me for an appointment and let’s Jacinda this.


Healthy living is confusing


Is it just me or is life getting more and more confusing?

There are so many articles, and so many people saying so many things. What to believe and deciding what to do is very hard.

Should I go sugar free?
Should I stop drinking milk?
Should I stop eating meat?
Should I stop using plastics?
Should I stop drinking tap water?
Should I stop watching Buffy the Vampire slayer on repeat?

Well, all I can say is definitely don’t stop the last one. There are a lot of valuable life lessons held in Buffy. A lot.

Recently everyone has been on about health bloggers, (Belle Gibson did the industry no favours), however some points raised are probably fair. We can all sit down and write a blog post, write about our favourite new superfood, recipe or our opinions and then post it online with no thought of any ramifications. The sad thing about Belle Gibson is that she had some good food advice, some pretty awesome recipes but she was deceitful in her approach.

We have to remember we have a responsibility to each other that what we write and talk about is accurate. I try hard to do that here on my blog and in my other writing positions as well as in clinic. I have a Bachelor of Natural medicine to help me with ‘quantifying’ my statements but still I am aware that what I say must be upfront and honest.

On that very serious note here are my thoughts on how to navigate the minefield of information and advice out there:

– No one diet suits everyone

– Trying unsupervised restrictive diets are never a good idea

– Be kind to yourself, you are trying your best and that is all you can do

– Always look at bloggers/writers qualifications before you follow anything they say. Better yet – see a real life person for individual help 🙂

– Small lifestyle or diet adjustments can lead to big changes. Don’t think you have to make a drastic change to be successful.

– Start thinking about your health as a long term investment. People waste money on things that are nowhere near as important. Make the most of now and consult qualified people who can help you.