me + you

Every practitioner has a unique approach to naturopathy.  Because I've been through what you're probably going through - searching high and low for 'the programme', 'the person' or 'the product' to fix you - my approach is all about simplicity.

I create sustainable plans that you can actually fit into your lifestyle. I like to use the least amount of changes that will give you the greatest benefit. I am also cynical of magic pills or huge lifestyle overhauls.

Also please remember - you don't need fixing. You're great the way you are. But if you want to improve your health and well-being naturally, I can definitely help.

I am like you - a real person, fallible, someone who drinks coffee has fish and chips and watches reality TV.

But I am also a qualified and experienced Naturopath. I am an academic and I have helped people like you before.

I can show you the way to help yourself so ideally you don't need me anymore. 

We can work together in the following ways…


_tailored consultation

I get the luxury of sitting with you and taking a full health history from you in order to get to the root cause of your problem. This takes time - approximately 1 hour and a million questions from me. From this I will ascertain a treatment plan aka a sustainable plan of attack. We will then catch up 4-6 weeks later for a follow up etc. Please know that I am not hoping to see you forever - as cool as you are :) My whole goal is to make myself redundant - to teach you what to do so you no longer need me. Despite the black clothing I am not scary.

Initial Consultation: $90, 1 hour
Follow Ups: $50, 30 minutes
Individual herbal formulas and supplements additional.



_postnatal revitalisation plan

Pregnancy is a big deal, childbirth is insane and a newborn? No words. Your bundle of joy has literally taken everything out of you. And while the are now the centre of your universe, you can’t forget YOUR health.

Postnatal depletion looks different on everyone but if you’re struggling, I can help. I know how hard it is - I know what it is like to have felt like you have lost your way. I have coffee, toys and stickers. Also Netflix on my phone for a small human (or maybe you if you want?)

8 Week Programme: $350, 1x 1hour initial consult + 4x 30 minute consults + 2x 15 minute consults (because mums can get a lot done in 15minutes!)


_nutrition support inc. supermarket tours

I like food. It is helpful in many ways. It can help us and it can seriously impact us - let me help you navigate the supermarket aisles (figuratively and literally) to make better choices. I will give you a food plan and some pretty neat recipes that will trick the closest to you into eating well.

30 minute tour + food plan: $70


_adrenal support plan

This is my thing. I go on and on about how our stress responses have such an effect on EVERYTHING. Are you exhausted? Poor immunity? Low mood? Not motivated? Holding on to weight you don’t want? Struggling with sleep? Skin issues? Adrenals are linked to all of this.

6 Week Programme: $300, 1x 1 hour consult + 5x 30 minute consults.
Individual herbal formulas and supplements additional.


_label range

Herbal tinctures

Readymade formulations for everyday first world problems… COMING SOON

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