about me

Me + Wellington + cocktail (that you cant see)

Me + Wellington + cocktail (that you cant see)


It’s important you find a practitioner that you gel with. So get to know me better…

I like books, I like writing and I like research papers.

I also like to help people. Not in a I will do your lawns way but in a lets kinda change your life way.

I retrained to be a Naturopath/Medical Herbalist because this combines everything I love; helping people, academia, health, creating plans, making herbal remedies for people and also making a small (healthier caramel slice) difference.

We all get sick, some of us struggle with chronic illness, for others it just might be something more transient.

The one thing we have in common is that without our health, we don't have a lot.

I have seen natural health do amazing things for my family and I personally know what it can do - as I have been you.

I had insane anxiety, panic attacks the whole 9 yards. I didn't leave the house for quite some time - I tried the conventional medical route - it didn't work so well for me. I tried another way. And here I am.

I moved to Dunedin in 2015 from Auckland. I love it here. I get to live in a place with an amazing view and help bring up my 2 year old with my husband in Mihiwaka. I enjoy cooking, reading about cooking and watching cooking.  

If you want to know for sure if I’m a good fit for you - book a free discovery call and let’a see if together we can change your everyday.