Sitting quietly – and no I don’t mean the naughty chair – Meditation


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Ok, so I am a terrible quiet person. When I try and be quiet I end up smashing things, falling into walls and slamming doors. Let’s just say its best not to be sleeping if I am up or in your general vicinity.

With meditation, being quiet and sitting still is a big thing. Not so great for clumsy me.

However, the benefits of meditation out weigh my terrible balance and noisiness.

Meditation has a million benefits, some being:

Stress reduction


Reduces anxiety

Lowers blood pressure

Increases serotonin (better mood people!!!)

And the biggy – helps to put things into perspective (problems become way smaller).

When my husband and I were backpacking in India, we spent a week doing Vipassana meditation. Oh my – not for the faint hearted or the never-meditated-before backpacker such as myself. It certainly was an eye opener, and a bit of a back breaker as well (never had I had to sit so still before in my life!!!). While I did not continue to meditate with such dedication, it did help me feel a lot better because my thoughts were not so constantly busy.

In the real world, (where I live most of the time) I find it hard to sit down and meditate and I know that sounds like such a cop out but still…Even though I am slack I have found a few ways to incorporate meditative practice into my life;

  • Listening to a guided meditation as I walk (I have the Art of balance by Tricia Brennan on my old school MP3 player that I listen to. You can pick different colours for different meditations). Strictly I know that you should be seated but I like to concentrate to the words as I wander.
  • Doing some calm and gentle yoga poses – physically meditative.
  • Lying in bed before sleep or first thing in the morning and just being still for a bit.
  • Using the time in the line at the post office to just breathe and be aware of your surroundings (this my friends is tough!!!)
  • Sitting for just 2 minutes and letting your thoughts just come and go. Don’t pay any attention to anyone of them, just let them come and go. You can even do this in the ad break of Miranda (just saying…)

Meditation is an amazing thing to do just for you. It makes life a little easier and anything to calm a busy mind (which most of us are guilty of having) can only be a good thing.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that since meditation makes you feel better and calmer it also means less wrinkles and more radiant smiles. So purely for vanity reasons you should definitely try it.

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