Apparently we have a few guavas….

IMG_20150427_204026 IMG_20150427_204347-1So I decided to blend them in most prized possession my nutri bullet (Ok I have a lot of prized possessions, such as my nut butter collection, my bracelet collection, my tea collection, my ever growing chocolate collection, and now my blender collection).

Anyway Guavas are not something I grew up with, unlike my North Island born husband. He was going on and on about all the guavas on our tree. I just assumed they were awful because they are not from the best island in NZ. Turns out they are tasty and super good for you.

Main points my friends:

High in fibre, low in sugar, high vitamin A content (21% in one cup), high vitamin C (628% in one cup) and contains 20% of our RDI of potassium as well (helpful for blood pressure, and also as an electrolyte).

So apart from freezing a whole heap, I also blended some by themselves to add on to my coconut yoghurt (yay for raglan coconut yoghurt), and I also made this smoothie:

Heads up – its a little tart…

1 cup guavas

1/2 cup almond milk

50ml apple cider vinegar

1 whole lemon (leave this out if you want – I like lemons and I have a stash from an awesome work friend)

2 tablespoons Raglan coconut yoghurt

1/2 banana

1/2 avocado

2 tb LSA

Blend, drink or keep in fridge for 2 days.

Awesome smoothie to up your Vitamin C, and fibre content as well as helping your liver with some Apple cider vinegar.  PS by adding the avocado you are increasing your ability to absorb vitamin A. Good news for your nails and eyes. It is also a  super antioxidant – which is good news for your cardiovascular system; that means it basically helps you live. Helpful things those guavas…

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