I may have purchased some ‘superfoods’. Now what to do…


Ok so I am the ultimate food consumer, you just have to write ‘New’ under a product and I will buy like 50. So whenever there is a new ‘superfood’ out I will totally buy it (for the record I hate the term superfood. Most foods are super. Except mums fish pie. I’m sorry Mum, I’m still scarred for life).

Anyway I thought I would attempt to help you navigate your way through some newish superfoods with crazy as names.


We buy it in it powdered form, it comes from a fruit with a really low GI so diabetics can use it as a sweetener. It is high in beta carotene, calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin b3 just to name a few. How do I use it you ask? Well it makes smoothies awfully tasty as it has a caramely, mapley taste. You can sprinkle it on yoghurt, use it in your muesli bases, mix it in to custards or cakes.

This guy is another awesome sweetener. It comes from a plant called prosopis from South America. Mesquite is super because it prevents blood sugars from rising (yay for diabetics) AND can help regulate blood sugars as well. Good news for all as it helps with sustained energy release through out the day. It is high in fibre; one tablespoon (perfecto for a smoothie) is a bout 3g of dietary fibre so that is about 10% of what you need daily – and we all know we need to have more fibre. Taste wise it is malty and can be added to raw things (snacks, slices and cakes), smoothies, normal cakes and cookies.

Camu camu
Ohh this is my current fave. I am a big vitamin C fan, (oh the sad life of a naturopath), anyway a lot of the Vitamin C you can buy is not so friendly on people’s stomachs and if possible, it is always best to have vitamins in its truest form. Here is why camu camu is super. It is a Amazonian fruit – even that sounds cool. It has 23 times more Vitamin C than an orange, and one measley teaspoon of camu camu gives you 1000% of your vitamin c daily requirements. Vitamin C is great for your skin health, generally healing ability (it helps with collagen and elastin production within the skin) and protects you from free radical damage, helps with reduce inflammation and helps our poor wee immune systems. With camu camu powder you can sprinkle it on your cereal, porridge (it is nearly winter guys so you can start planning what to eat now. Or is that just me?) Mix it with cacao powder for a tart and chocolatey smoothie, or make your own chocolate with it.

Oh yeah one more thing – throwing one of these guys into a chia pudding is an awesome idea for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. I am all about chia puddings for any occasion.

Now I know it is hard not to be suckered in to buying amazing new health foods that claim to cure all ailments and clean your house for you; but in the real world where we live most of the time, it is still only food. So really it is what you do with the new pantry additions that count. It’s not going to change your life over night, but with regular consumption it will add more nutrients into your diet. So if you know you have a pretty temperamental immune system; regular Vitamin C from food and with the addition of camu camu would be a great idea, or if you have a sweet tooth and you get wicked 3pm cravings (or nonstop 10am, 1pm, 5pm, 8pm cravings as well) Mesquite or Lucuma would be a great thing to help to stop you reaching for the toffee pops. Just a thought.

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