Ohhh its another year… what to do.

Ok, So I had a marvellous Christmas break. I did all the things I should not have; ate too much, got a wee bit sunburnt, did no consistent exercise except this:


But I blinked (ok had too many 3pm naps on the couch) and it’s 2015.

I had such high hopes for myself this year. I was finally going to start to become that cool running person you see that doesn’t sweat, or go bright red or fall over their own feet (despite the fact I despise running and I do all the other things just being me).

I was going to get up everyday at 6am and meditate for 20minutes, then have warm water and lemon juice and then have a very healthy breakfast and casually saunter to my car, no rushing around in 2015.

I was going to stop watching so much TV ( I have a reality TV addiction. Masterchef consumes me).

I was going to stop mindless facebooking. Or just general internet time wasting.

But yeah, none of that has happened, and after being me for my whole life, I kinda already know it ain’t ever going to happen. So I have rewritten my new year resolutions.

Exercise. I will aim for at least 20minutes of movement per day. And if its me wandering around the supermarket for that long, just chilling with food stuffs – I am counting that. (For the record I wander at a good pace).

I will aim to watch just one TV show a day. That my friends is huge. Shortland street or Masterchef or the block….

I will limit my facebook/internet stuff to 15 minutes a day.

I will get up early three times a week to either meditate, exercise or just chill out before work crazy sets in.

I am subscribing to ”a new day, a new start” approach this year. Each day gives me a new chance to follow through on my goals and plans. Some days my goal maybe to nap…Just joking (kinda).

I will also try to kinder in my approach to 2015. No-one knows what is happening for others, and they don’t know what is happening for us. Trying to be kinder and calmer can only be a good thing. So luckily for Jed, he will get more chips on fish n chip Friday.

Happy new starts everyone.

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