Christmas dessert recipes:

20141214_100623Christmas time the bestest time of the year – apart from my birthday.

One reason it makes it super is, of course seeing the family and enjoying a break from work, but really the most important reason is dessert.

I love dessert in all forms, except trifle. I’ve tried to love it as it falls in my favourite food category, but alas no luck. Anyway my most favourite desserts involve either custard, chocolate or berries.

So here are my healthier takes on my favourites: Ambrosia/Custard/Hot chocolate

This is what I want every year for Christmas. You can keep your ham or turkey I want the dairy overindulgence that is Ambrosia. However, as Christmas is a time for an overload on all food fronts, I have tweaked this recipe to make it more user friendly (read you can eat more it without feeling sick).

Sub out the ordinary store brought ice cream and make your own. You don’t need to go all ice cream maker fancy you can do this pretty easily without one.
E.g. home made coconut cream ice cream (recipe on my website) or you could go all out and try this version stolen from ‘Our kitchen’ website

1 ½ cup cream
Whisk the cream until stiff peaks. Get a third of the mixture and fold into the ice cream whatever you want e.g. salted caramel, cacao nibs, berries etc.

Cream substitution: Whipped coconut cream – chill a can of coconut cream in the fridge – scoop up the hard/solid cream and with the electric beater process it with some vanilla essence.

Berries – frozen blackcurrants and raspberries are a super addition just thaw them first.

Marshmallows: Ok I have no substitutes for this. It’s Christmas you can have them. You could just add in cacao nibs, more fruit, hokey pokey…anything,

Custard: I hate custard powder. I am pretty sure it gives me nightmares, literally. Plus making custard from scratch takes about the same amount as time as using powder.

2 eggs
2 tbsp brown sugar
2 tsp vanilla paste
4 tsp corn flour or arrowroot (I use arrowroot)
3 cups of milk

In the saucepan whisk the egg, sugar vanilla and arrowroot.
Add in the milk whisking quickly. Cook on low until thick. Easy.

Custard is super you can have it on its own, with berries, frozen like an ice cream, or as a pie, instead of milk on muesli (ok maybe not that one). So many options, so little time.

Or how about a good old hot chocolate:
Handful of cashew nuts soaked for 2 hours
Can of coconut full fat coconut milk
1 ½ – 2 tbs cacao powder
1 – 2 tbs honey/maple syrup

Orange/lemon zest
Vanilla powder
Mesquite/Lucama powder
Peppermint essential oil

Drain and rinse the soaked nuts. Throw everything into a blender and blend to smooth.
Pour into a saucepan and gently heat.

To be honest any sort of home made desserts are going to be better for you than the processed guys. So anything you choose to make – ten points to you. Make sure you get the biggest serve (or at least eat some off everyone’s plates when you serve up. That’s just an idea; I’ve certainly never done it…)

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