Muesli (Refined sugar free)

Muesli_1I love cereal. However I am not a fan of what goes in to some of them. This recipe is super easy, tasty and pretty cheap to make. Also you can change it up in a variety of ways, and if you want it eat for dinner I am not going to stop you.


2-3 cups wholegrain rolled oats

1 cup coconut (whatever form you like, I use chips)

½ cup chopped dates

½ cup chopped crystallized ginger

1 cup sultanas

1-2 tsp of cinnamon

1-2 tsp of ground ginger

1-2 tsp of nutmeg

Pinch of rock salt

½ cup seeds ( I use pumpkin or sunflower)

3 tbs chia seeds

1 cup chopped nuts (I use almonds or cashews)

4tbs Honey or maple syrup

¼ cup of coconut oil ( you can add in more if you preferred a more toasted version).


  1. Pour oats on tray and toast at 150 degrees Celsius for 10 mins or until lightly toasted.
  2. Add in coconut and cook for a further 5 mins.
  3. Cut up all the nuts and fruit you are using. Add to tray with the spices and mix thoroughly.
  4. Pour over melted oil and sweetener and bake for a further 15-20mins until it is lightly brown.
  5. Take out, leave to cool (don’t try and eat it from the pan, only bad things come from doing this), and pack away in a clean and air tight container.
  6. Eat with everything.

You can also leave this raw and not toast it at all. Tasty either which way.

Variation ideas:

½ cup cacao nibs

½ cup dried nectarines

½ cup dried bananas

You can easily add in more nuts and seeds instead of fruit to keep the overall sugar content down.

You can also sub out the honey or the maple syrup and add in rice malt syrup.

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